News March 2020

The Corona Crisis in Light of the Law-as-Culture Paradigm: A Contribution by Werner Gephart

The crisis phenomenon of today is not only hotly debated in medical disciplines or political science. From Giorgio Agamen to Maurizio Ferraris, and Markus Gabriel to Edgar Morin and Nancy, numerous positions and rich insights can be found in philosophy.

In the follow contribution, Professor Dr. jur. Dr. h.c. Werner Gephart offers a cultural-scientific perspective on this all-encompassing crisis in light of the Law-as-Culture paradigm.  

To the piece

Due to the current risk situation caused by the increasing spread of the corona virus the announced forum events on March 17th and March 24th will be cancelled

Even at events that are not "Großveranstaltungen" (major events) , the possibility of reducing the risk of infection with the corona virus by cancellation is increasingly being used because of condensed communication. Although epidemiologists tell us that only a "through-infection" of society would lead to collective immunisations, there is agreement that a slowing down of the process is desirable. Thus we find ourselves in a similar paradoxical situation, into which Durkheim's thesis of the "normality" of crime leads us: Deviance is functional for the social system, though individually highly detrimental to a victim.

For this reason, the forum evening and reception planned for March 17th will not take place, and since - due to the precarious situation in Italy - a Fellow and participant in the panel discussion with Maria Eichhorn will leave us early, the date set for March 24th for the Rose Valland Institute discussion will unfortunately not take place.

We thank you very much for your understanding, but we can also promise that the juridical-normative questions connected with this kind of "state of emergency" will not be neglected by us!

Werner Gephart

News February 2020

Lecture by Raja Sakrani at Beirut, Lebanon

On April 14, 2020, Dr. Raja Sakrani, Research Coordinator at the Käte Hamburger Center "Law as Culture", will give a lecture entitled "L'autre dans la civilisation islamique: entre l'immanence des cultures et la transcendance divine". With this lecture, she will open the international conference "Islam & Altérité", which will take place from April 14 to 17, 2020, at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Further information can be found under activities

Please note: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the congress will take place from 13 to 16 April, 2021.

New Program “Forum Law as Culture”

Through its homonymous forum, the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities “Law as Culture” offers a space for interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange with international guests and fellows at the Center. The forum events take place on Tuesdays in the Center's Max Weber Lecture Room and are open to the interested public. Admission is free.

The current program of April until July 2020 can be accessed here (PDF).

Detailed information on individual lectures can be accessed under Activities

News January 2020

Workshop "Digital Transformation in Law and Society"

The Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities “Law as Culture” organizes a workshop entitled  "Digital Transformation in Law and Society: Comparative Perspectives on Families and New Media" on 3 and 4 February 2020.

For further Information please note the invitation card (PDF)

News October 2019

New Program “Forum Law as Culture”