Giles Walker

Roboticist/Sculptor (Artist in Residence)

Curriculum Vitae

British artist Giles Walker has been working with robots for the last 20 years. As a member of the guerilla-art group “The Mutoid Waste Company”, he started building kinetic sculptures and robots from materials found in various scrap yards around Europe. He has exhibited his work around the world, touring in Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia and the United States. His widely-noticed project “Peepshow”, in which two cyborg pole dancers draw a link between surveillance systems and voyeurism, was featured at the UK’s first Kinetica Art Fair in 2009 and was included in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition “Decode – Digital Design Sensations” which presented a selection of the foremost contemporary artists working in the field of digital and interactive design. His remarkable “The Last Supper”, a fully animated sculpture that took one year to complete and consists of thirteen interacting mechanical figures, was exhibited in London and Los Angeles in 2012. It continues its tour through Europe and the United Kingdom with a six month stint due in 2017 at the Science Museum in London. Giles Walker has since exhibited three more large installations in London supported by the Black Rat Gallery. All have involved large scale animatronics. He is currently working on new works for a solo exhibition in London in 2016. From November 2015 to March 2016, he was active as Artist in Residence at the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities “Law as Culture”.


To make the Sculpture move – theorie and practice. The Inner Life of Law and Art


Selected Solo Exhibitions

The Balloon Seller and other Tragedies. Black Rat Press. London.

I’m Never Shopping here Again. Black Rat Press. London
The Last Supper. Cambridge. UK

The Last Supper. Black Rat Press. London.
The Last Supper. Corey Helford Gallery. Los Angeles. USA

Selected Group Exhibitions

Modern Panic VI. London

Pop Modern. London

Decode. V&A. London
MuTATE Britain. One foot in the Grove. London

Now’s The Time. Black Rat Press. London
MuTATE Britain. London

Selected Press/Publications

Judas Was A Patsy. The Quietus.

Giles Walker. The Balloon Seller. Exhibition review. Afternyne.

Interview with Artist and Roboticist Giles Walker. MAKE

Artist serves up Last Supper with animated, drug-taking disciples. Exhibition review. Evening Standard.
Giles Walker. Last Call with Carson Daly. Television feature. NBC.

The Haunted Book Shop. Exhibition review. Ken Russell. The Times.