Current Fellows

Prof. Dr. Christoph Antons

Legal scholar (Law School of Macquarie University, Sydney)

"Peranakan Chinese in Indonesia: The Construction of a Community in Colonial Law and its Legacy"

Dr. Carolin Behrmann

Art historian (Institute of Art History in Florence, Max Planck Institute)

„Towards a Visual Common Sense“

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mona Oraby

Scholar of Law and Religion (Amherst College, USA)

“How Will We Know Who We Are? Devotion to the Administrative State”

Prof. Dr. Christa Rautenbach

Legal scholar (North-West-University, Potchefstroom (South Africa))

„Plurality of Marriage Laws: Exploring the Viability of a Single Marriage Codefor South Africa in a Comparative Context“

Prof. Dr. Daniel Zimmer

Legal scholar (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)

"Die digitale Rechtsgemeinschaft"