Prof. Dr. Uriel Procaccia

(Legal scholar, Radzyner School of Law,Prof. Dr. Uriel Procaccia Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Israel)

Curriculum vitae


  • Date and place of birth: September 10, 1943, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Married to Dr. Anat Horovitz. Four children.
  • Citizenship: Israeli and Italian.

Academic career

  • LL.B, Hebrew University, 1967, magna cum laude
  • LL.M. Hebrew University, 1969, summa cum laude
  • S.J.D. University of Pennsylvania, 1972.
  • Dean of Law School, Hebrew University, 1996-1999.
  • Professor and Head of the Graduate Program of the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel
  • Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz - Professor of Corporate Law at Hebrew University,(since 2003- Professor Emeritus

Visiting professorships

  • Columbia University Law School
  • Benjamin Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University
  • Tulane University Law School,
  • The University of Southern California Law Center
  • Tübingen University
  • The Russian Federation Academy of Jurisprudence
  • California Institute of Technology („Cal Tech“, where I taught „Rational Choice“)

Professional Life

My professional life can be roughly divided into three main stages as follows.

  • In my young years I followed the traditional analytic approach to law. I contributed scores of publications with a special emphasis on commercial subjects, including insurance, insolvency and corporate law. The most comprehensive publication of that era is my book: Uriel Procaccia, Bankruptcy Law and Civil Legislation in Israel (The Harry Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and Comparative Law, 1984).
  • Following a series of visits to the University of Southern California and my association with some of its stellar figures in the domain of Law and Economics, I became a convert to that movement. I was the first Israeli scholar to introduce Law and Economics to the growing corpus of young Israeli scholars, until it became today the leading theoretical legal discipline among our domestic academic writers. During that period I was commissioned to compose a draft for a new law of corporations in our country. The resulting draft was later adopted, with modifications, to become the Israeli Companies Law, 1999, the first of its kind to be consciously informed by the burgeoning literature in Law and Economics. My main ideas which led to the crafting of that draft, were embodied in my most comprehensive publication of this period: Uriel Procaccia, A New Corporate Law for Israel, (The Harry Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and Comparative Law, 1989).
  • The third and (thus far) last period in the development of my professional career is marked by my growing interest in law and culture. Being convinced that „pure“ legal analysis is devoid of normative content, and that the Law and Economics movement, in spite of its descriptive and prescriptive power, fails to take into account crucial elements of human behavior, I became engrossed with the inter-relationship of law and its broader cultural surroundings. The principal insight informing my current obsession with this subject is that law shares with all other cultural manifestations a clear common denominator - they all reflect the cultural assumptions, creeds and commitments of a given culture, and hence law cannot be fully comprehended without reference to those cultural variables. My most ambitions publication along these lines is: Uriel Procaccia, Russian Culture, Property Rights and the Market Economy (Cambridge University Press, 2007).


  • Active in several civil rights struggles, including struggles for the maintenance of the Rule of Law in the Occupied Territories 
  • Frequent contributor to the daily press, both in the area of civil rights and in the area of corporate law and securities regulation 
  • Counsel to scores of corporations, government agencies and NGO's in matters pertaining to corporate law.