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Bild des KolleggebäudesThe Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities "Law as Culture" is seated in the landmarked “Direktorenvilla” (Directors’ mansion) at the end of Rheinwerkallee. It is located right on the bank of the Rhine at the Bonner Bogen in Oberkassel, a district of Bonn located on the right side of the river. Our center is easy to identify based on its architectural features: It is a red brick building with a tower and white northern façade, combined with a glass annex. Distinct landmarks in its vicinity are the old water tower, the four-story “Rohmühle” as well as the “Kameha Grand Hotel.”

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Location of the Center at the "Bonner Bogen"Location of the Center at the "Bonner Bogen"