Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tiziana Andina

Università degli Studi di Torino

Curriculum Vitae

Tiziana Andina studierte Philosophie an der Universität Turin und wurde 2003 mit ihrer Dissertation „Friedrich Nietzsche e l’estetica della percezione indiretta“ (2004, „Friedrich Nietzsche und die Ästhetik der indirekten Wahrnehmung“) an der Universität Palermo promoviert. Seit 2006 war sie Assistant Professor am Fachbereich Philosophie der Universität Turin, wo sie seit 2015 als Associate Professor tätig ist. Tiziana Andina war von 2008 bis 2009 Visiting Scholar an der Columbia University und war 2014 Visiting Professor und Scholar an der Staatlichen Universität für Informationstechnologien, Mechanik und Optik Sankt Petersburg (ITMO). Ihre Forschungsschwerpunkte sind theoretische Philosophie, Kunstphilosophie sowie Ontologie und Ästhetik. Von März bis September 2015 war Tiziana Andina Fellow am Käte Hamburger Kolleg „Recht als Kultur“.


Embodied Meanings and Normativity. For a New Concept of Art

The contemporary art world – namely, the current artistic and cultural situation, which has come to be at the beginning of the twentieth century – has led to a process of profound rethinking of the relationship between art and law. The relationship between art and law is inherent in the very concept of art and is as old as the history of the arts. In particular, the relationship between art and law, as it has structured itself from the beginning of the twentieth century, performs two vital functions – one of which is intrinsic to the concept of art, the other being extrinsic – the understanding of which is essential to investigate the contemporary art world. In this context, my research will serve two purposes: 1. The revision of the traditional concept of contemporary art in the light of artistic practices introduced by the avant-garde and consolidated in the so-called post-historical arts; 2. The conceptualization and formation of guide lines for the creation of a "European art world" able to implement good practices for the protection, preservation and fruition of the European artistic heritage, including contemporary artistic production (including what in literature is defined as “immaterial art”).

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