Current Fellows

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yousra Abourabi

Political Scientist (SciencesPo Rabat – International University of Rabat)

"The Normativities of Climate Change: Building New Legal Communities"

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Beatriz Barreiro Carril

Legal scholar (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid)

"My Culture? A Legal-Artistic Theatre Proposal for the Understanding of the Current Value and Possibilities of Cultural Rights"

Prof. Dr. Pierre Brunet

Legal scholar (Universität Paris 1 (Panthéon Sorbonne))

“Rights of nature as a new paradigm? Towards a comparative and interdisciplinary approach”

Justus Heck, M.A.

Sociologist (University of Bielefeld)

"Judicial Contact Systems"

Privatdozent Dr. Dr. Grischka Petri

Art Historian, Legal Scholar (University of Bonn)

"Cultural Monopoly and Alternative Communities"

Dr. Alexandre Vanautgaerden

Historian, Art Historian (Académie royale de Belgique)

"Law as Culture: a digital project"