Helge Dedek - "Rights as Culture: The Western Legal Tradition as Culture of Individual Rights"

Before Prof. Dr. Helge Dedek became assistant professor (tenure track) at the Faculty of Law of Mc Gill University, he conducted research as a post-doctorate and Boulton Fellow at Mc Gill University and designed and taught the course “Tracing the ‘Civilian Identity’”. Dr. Dedek was conferred his doctorate degree by the University of Bonn, with a thesis on the development of thought on contract law theory from a historical and comparative perspective, for which he was awarded the University Society Bonn’ annual prize for best doctoral thesis in all faculties. In 2004, he was awarded an LL.M. degree by Harvard Law School, as Langdon H. Gammon Fellow. Before completing his doctoral thesis, he was a practicing member of the Rhenish Notary Chamber in Cologne, particularly active in the field of corporate law and real estate transactions. Dr. Dedek passed both state examinations with great distinction and has been awarded several scholarships in the course of his legal research, inter aliaby the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and the “Zeit”-Stiftung. Selected publications: "From Norms to Facts: The Realization of Rights in Common and Civil Private Law" (in: McGill Law Journal 56:1, 2010, S. 77ff.), "The Relationship between Rights and Remedies in Private Law: A Comparison between the Common and the Civil Law Tradition" (in: Robert Sharpe (Ed.), Taking Remedies Seriously, Montreal 2010) and "Border Control: Some Comparative Remarks on the Cartography of Obligations" (in: R. Bronaugh, J. Neyers, S. Pitel (Eds.): Exploring Contract Law, Oxford 2009).