Book launch: „Sozioprudenz – Sozial klug handeln“

Jurisprudence is the wise application of the law. There is no textbook for jurisprudence. Its art is taught informally by practitioners as they apply the law in practice.

Socioprudence is the wise application of the findings of sociology. So far, sociological teaching has imparted the theory of gift exchange in detail, but the question of how to give an appropriate gift has seldom been discussed. Sociological theory is familiar with innumerable variants of intermediary positions – mediator, arbitrator, deputy, representative – but it has rarely shown us how to use these insights in mediation or representation.

In dialog with Werner Gephart, Clemens Albrecht will present the first textbook on socioprudence that was developed using an academic teaching background for the purpose of educating others. The book presents sociological teaching material in the form of a guidebook.

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Please note that the event will be recorded for public relations purposes. It will be held in German. Questions from the audience may be asked in English or French.