The research project intends to contribute to an understanding of law at a time when the world's normative orders have become subject to rapidly progressing globalization.

Forum "Law as Culture"

The current program for the Forum series "Law as Culture" can be found here (PDF).

Lecture and Podium disussion "Zurechnungskulturen in Antike und Moderne"

We would especially like to draw your attention to the lecture and podium discussion "Zurechnungskulturen in Antike und Moderne", part of the exhibition "Godly Injustice".The event will take place on October 18th, 2018, at the University of Bonn's Academic Art Museum.

Please note:

As the celebratory opening of the academic year on October 18th, 2018, has been pushed back one hour, the podium discussion “Zurechnungskulturen” will no longer begin at 6:00pm but rather 7:00pm. Further information as well as the program can be found here.

Gemälde von Prof. Dr. Werner Gephart