Journée d'Études: Law and Language

  1. Werner Gephart: Introduction - Relating Law and Language in Light of the Law-as-Culture-Paradigm
  2. Jan Engberg: How to bridge the Gap between the Jurists' Law and the Law of the People -  Constructing Legal Knowledge on Institutions through Multimedia
  3. Isolde Burr-Haase:The Charter of Fundamental Rights: Problems of Interpretation from a Comparative Perspective
  4. Anne Lise Kjaer: Effectiveness" Patterns in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights
  5. Karen McAuliffe: Law, Language and Translation in the EU Legal Order
  6. Theresa Strombach: Conditional Structures in German Legal Texts - A Comparison between the German and Swiss Penal Code